PVC/WPC Foam Board Production Line

Model No.: WPCFB-C80,    WPCFB-C80+65



*This series of PVC / WPC Foam Board making line is designed for professional making the PVC and WPC Panel and Board

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The PVC/WPC Foam Board Production Line

This PVC/WPC Foam Board making line is used for producing decoration board for kitchen cabinet, furniture board, bathroom board, building template,  construction board, WPC indoor flooring substrate, billboard, and so on.

The foam board is a kind of PVC foam board or WPC foam board. There is laminated film or sheet on the first layer as decorating surface.

with the high density PVC foam or WPC foam board in middle, which is chosen as the substrate to strengthen its holding power.

Owing to its excellent base material performance, in addition to various lamination material and flexible & diversified design options, the board is mainly used in the furniture industry and a good substitute product to traditional wood board.

It can be easily sawed, stamped, punched, sanded, drilled, screwed, nailed, riveted, or bonded.

The extra benefit of material is wet-proof, water-resistant,

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PVC foam board for furniture 08
PVC foam board for furniture 09
PVC foam board for furniture 01

Machine specification & technical data:

The PVC WPC foam board / floor substrate production line is composed of extruder, mold, foam board setting machine, natural cooling system, tractor, new generation of precision processing automatic fixed-length cutting machine (frequency conversion speed control), automatic finished product discharge platform, and transportation trolley

The product size:

thickness: 2mm - 12mm

size: 970mm x 2000mm or 1220x2440mm

*The powerful twin screw plastic extruder machine had been optimized, the high plasticzation capacity of mixing material, guarantee the uniformity of plastic melting.

*with large capability of output, meantime, the material is also stable.

*Especially in terms of the stability of the foaming coefficient, a unique automatic control method is adopted to stabilize the weight of each board.

*Adopt a special dust and sawdust automatic collection device to reduce the pollution of the whole line of dust to the workshop, leading the industry to make the workshop environment cleaner

*Precision adjusting of the thickness of sheet by high quality clothes rack type mould head.

*The ±1℃ precision temperature control for the plasticization process, thickness and smooth surface.

* Both way controll for the thickness of sheet accurately by adjusting screw or oil pressure.

*Double loop cooling and mould temperature controller are adopted.

*Precision cutting machine for giving stable and accurate cutting of length.

Main Technical Parameters

Model No.

Motor Power (KW)

Suitable Material

Product Width(mm)

Production turnover (KGS/hour)











PVC foam board making machine
PVC foam board production line

PVC Imitation Marble Sheet Product Layer

First Layer Laminated film
Second Layer High density PVC foam
Third Layer Decoration film

The Machine Line

The PVC WPC Foam board production line is also called WPC Flooring making line / Plastic furniture board production line / building template production line, construction board making line.

The main unit, plastic extruder, is designed available of Concial Twin Screw plastic extruder with strong powder out.

The Twin Screw Plastic Extruder machine is also the main unit for the production line of producing PVC PIPE , PVC profile and etc.

Our machine line have a high rate of return on investment and can pay for themselves quickly.

As a 20 years experence factory, we can provide customers with comprehensive technical suport and also support from raw material formula, production process to molding equipment.


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