PVC imitation Marble Sheet Production line

Model No.: PVCMBS-C80/156,    PCVMBS-C92/188



*This series of PVC imitation marble sheet making line is designed for professional making the PVC imitation marble sheet, PVC imitation marble panel

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PVC Marble Sheet Production Line

The high performance PVC Imitation Marble sheet Production Line

The PVC imitation marble with the advantages of environmental protection, light in weight, easy maintenance, no radiation, economic is now widely used in commercial.

The benefit of PVC Marble sheet

* Available in different design and color, realistic nature marble looks

* Supreme durability makes it a good option for high-traffic areas or homes.

* Resistant to water, wear, scratch, tear, moisture, termite, insects.

* Zero formaldehyde, without any glue during all production.

* Can be installed over radiant heating system

* Easy to install, clean and maintain

* Easy to stand on for longer periods of time.

* Cost effective and eco-friendly.

The PVC marble sheet is a kind of new material which is widely used for ceiling, wall panel, background wall, door of kitchen, commercial and residential place. It is 100% water proof, rigid surfaced, non flammable and nontoxic material.

It stands for a couple of terms that are used interchangeably: stone plastic composite or stone polymer composite.

It refers to the make-up of the core, and the SPC core is what makes this marble sheet so incredibly durable, maintaining its form even over uneven subfloors.

PVC-Imitation-Marble-hall (1)
PVC-Imitation-Marble-hall (2)

PVC marble sheet consists of PVC sheet and decorating film, by the process of heat transfer for form the composited stone plastic sheet.

The composited PVC marble sheet has multiple layer, include UV coating layer, color layer, stone plastic layer and base core.

Compare with real stone marble sheet, this PVC marble sheet is also wear resistance, stain resistance, dimension distrotion resistance, but more economic!

PVC marble color






Most welcome design of surface

Looks Nature and Cool!

Multi Design

of Marble Lookings

at your choice

pvc imitation marble wall covering

Machine Specification & Technical Data

The Process Flow:

Mixer - Spiral loader- Twin screw extruder-Mould-Roller calender - Cooling group rollers - Hual off

-Transversal cutter- Edge cutter-Conveyor-UV treatment.

*With the powerful twin screw plastic extruder machine, the high plasticzation capacity of mixing material, guarantee the uniformity of plastic melting and color.

*Precision adjusting of the thickness of sheet by high quality clothes rack type mould head.

*The ±1℃ precision temperature control for the plasticization process, thickness and smooth surface.

* More selection for choice of roller arrangment which could be Vertical, Horizontal or Free adjusting.

* Both way controll for the thickness of sheet accurately by adjusting screw or oil pressure.

*Double loop cooling and mould temperature controller are adopted.

*Thickness of marble sheet can be controlled accurately by different kind of way.

*Precision cutting machine for giving stable and accurate cutting of length.

*High glossy UV varnish coating.

Main Technical Parameters

Model No.

Motor Power (KW)

Suitable Material

Product thickness(mm)

Product Width(mm)

Production turnover (KGS/hour)













roller of PVC marble machine
PVC imitation Marble sheet line
PVC imitation Marble sheet line keptmachine
PVC Marble UV machine

PVC Imitation Marble Sheet Product Layer

Second Layer UV coating wear resistant
Third Layer Heat transfer film
Fourth Layer PVC-Stone base board
Fifth Layer Adhesive layer
PVC Marble Layer

The Machine Line

The PVC imitation Marble sheet production line is also called Plastic artificial Marble Stone Panel Production Line/PVC artificial Marble Sheet Extrusion line/PVC plastic Marble Sheet making line the main unit, plastic extruder, is designed available of Concial Twin Screw plastic extruder with strong powder out.

The Twin Screw Plastic Extruder machine is also the main unit for the production line of producing PVC PIPE , PVC profile and etc.

The PVC imitation marble sheet are one of the best solution of decorating mateiral and building material for commercial and residential, hotel, restaurant, shop and etc.

Our machine line have a high rate of return on investment and can pay for themselves quickly.

As a 20 years experence factory, we can provide customers with comprehensive technical suport and also support from raw material formula, production process to molding equipment.


PVC Marble sample  (1)
PVC Marble sample
PVC Marble sample  (2)
PVC Marble sample  (3)

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