NEW Extruder tools

Guill introduces the latest generation of its Series 800, the 2-to-6 layer extrusion tooling designed to produce the highest quality, highest material-efficient 1/8” to 6” OD tubing for automotive, medical, appliance and industrial applications. The redesigned Series 800 produces flawlessly smooth extrusion and lay- er definition of Fluropolymer and other materials for all multilayer, multilumen medical tubing, as well as fuel line constructions, multilayer PEX pipe and drip irrigation applications, among others. The Guill design further allows thin layer combinations of polymers and adhesives to .02mm or less. Guill offers its extensive line of cross- heads and inline tubing dies in fixed and adjustable center, for single or co-extrusion applications. The tooling is designed to process all compounds and features the company’s patented, precision Feather Touch Concentricity adjustment, the Seal Right System, which combines with the Feather Touch system to eliminate polymer leaking. Guill also offers its unique spiral flow distribution system. Êll Guill tooling is produced with rigorous computer simulation of the flow channels using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs, resulting in optimum uniform flow with no weld lines.


KEPT MACHINE is professional on production line with Pvc Pipe Machine and extruder for plastic industry.

Post time: 2020-12-10